map_engineThematic maps of burnt severity from the classification of RdNBR differences for woodland and shruland areas are published in Google Map Engine. This information is visible from the visualization section of this website.

These thematic maps contain the next legend:



– NBR-pre i NBR-post : raster layers with burnt index from the before image (pre) and after fire image (post).

– dNBR: difference between the two burnt index.

– RdNBR: relative difference of NBR from pre-fire conditions.

dNBR_S & RdNBR_S: thematic maps in raster format of classified severity, according to the NBR absolute difference (dNBR) and the NBR relative difference (RdNBR) for woodland and shrubland areas.

The thematic severity maps contain the following categories:

0: not burned areas
1: low severity
2: moderate severity
3: high severity
4: other land covers



MMZ: raster in compressed format with IMG raster format from MiraMon software, a defined simbolization and complete metadata according to the standards defined by INSPIRE.

ASC: raster in ESRI ASCII GRID  format, with its metadata in XML format. The two files are seved together in a compressed RAR file.

KMZ: raster in Google Earth format to be easely visualized.


All layers are served in UTM31N projections with ETRS89 Datum.


The names of the files include the following items separated by underscores “_” :

– Start date of the fire with 8 digits indicating the year (4 digits), month (2 digits) and day (2 digits).
– Code of the fire with 4 characters that identifies the name of the most affected town.
– Sensor used ( TM or ETM or OIL ).
– Source of information indicated SatCat as SC or Glovis as GV. 
– Product type: NBR (pre or post below with 8 digits indicating the year, month and day), dNBR , RdNBR (thematic classification products of burnt severity will be followed by the suffix ” _S ” )

For example 20131112_BEMP_ETM_SC_RdNBR_S.mmz map corresponds to the thematic map from RdNBR of the “Baix Empordà” fire occurred on November 12th, 2013.

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